Luxury residence looking takes to the heavens

There is certainly a brand new means to go high-end house hunting.

We do’t do it for just anyone – they have to be quite well-certified,” mentioned Gwen Banta, a La-based luxury agent, who has flown customers over US$16 million homes and US$1 1 million in Southern California. “You get that they’re and view in love with the area before they actually touch ground and come in over the lake.”

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“To supply something that a person that was truly rich would value just isn’t an easy action to take,” mentioned Chris Feurer, CEO of Jameson Sotheby’ s Global Realty in Chicago.

But how much do these helicopter tours cost? If you’re fortunate, your broker will foot the bill. Many agents who offer chopper screenings catered lunches as part of the bundle for clients and provide sightseeing tours.

To be able to plan agents strategise and the right screening, pilots in advance to ensure everything goes smoothly. The pilot neighbourhoods the agent desires to demonstrate and will defeat the coordinates of the homes, and pops up with a flight plan so.

Some aviators are now getting their real estate licences and have taken advantage of the new tendency. This permits them make commissions on sales instead of only hourly fees and to cut the middleman out. Naturally, if you actually desire the man flying the helicopter to additionally close your real estate transaction you’ll have to determine.